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Enterprises and institutions canteen contracting company selection

作者:Henan February flower catering enterprise management Co., LTD 日期:2020-11-09

The choice of enterprise canteen contracting company is very important。For enterprises, this method can not only ensure that the canteen can provide high-quality, healthy and satisfactory food, but also reduce the output of resources in the management of the canteen。On the one hand, it is necessary to save costs, and on the other hand, it is necessary to let employees eat satisfactorily and healthily, so the heat of contracting canteens is still not reduced。But how should enterprises find a satisfactory canteen contracting company?

  1.Whether enterprises and institutions canteen contracting companies have large-scale operations。

  Enterprises need to observe the scale of canteen contracting companies when choosing them。For contractors, good cooperation must be based on their healthy profit model。Huge purchasing volume is the basis of price competitiveness。Large-scale operations can further control and reduce operating costs and provide better services to customers。That's the benefit of scale。

  2.Whether the enterprise canteen contracting company has a successful canteen management model。

  Because the canteen business is decentralized, when the boss can not only care about one factory, then how can we maintain the stable quality of production, health and service in each canteen?The canteen contracting company shall be required to explain and provide the management mode, and inspect the implementation effect of the management mode on site。It is best to actually inspect the canteen it manages in order to see the specific effects for yourself。

  3.Field visits to enterprises and institutions canteen contracting companies

  It is necessary to conduct a field visit to the scale of investment of the contracting company, carefully assess the economic strength of the contractor, and visit the contracted factory to check whether its promotional materials are consistent。Because some shell companies have only simple offices, it is not uncommon to borrow factory Tours and purchase contracts。In order to avoid shell companies, we should pay more attention to the field inspection of the factory than the actual observation of the management mode of the canteen, because no one wants to be cheated。

  Professional enterprises and institutions canteen contracting company through professional catering management personnel, from all aspects of the canteen contract management。It is especially important for companies to choose a strong canteen contractor。