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Why is professional canteen contracting more and more popular?

作者:Henan February flower catering enterprise management Co., LTD 日期:2020-11-09

There are still many companies running their own canteens,As everyone knows, there has been an emerging professional canteen contract,In addition, the company-operated canteen has increased the company's expenses in manpower, raw material procurement, canteen management and other links,That's a lot of money over the years,So what is the difference between the company's own canteen and the hosting outsourcing to the professional canteen contracting company,Which will save more money,Is a more sensible choice for enterprises。

  As we all know, the quality of an enterprise's diet directly affects the enthusiasm of employees and the production efficiency of the enterprise。If you want all employees to devote themselves to the production and operation work, it is necessary to create a feeling of home and the warmth of the enterprise for them, and provide them with a scientific meal plan。

  Professional things professionals do, in order to meet this need, Zibo food line catering Management Co., LTD., contracted enterprises and institutions canteen supply group purchase, cheap, can guarantee long-term preferential prices, high-quality food stable supply。Achieve customer expectations, dedication to satisfactory projects, sincerely hope that your company calls to visit and negotiate。

  The advantages of enterprise and institution canteen contracting: the professional canteen contracting company has a special training and management system, which can continuously improve in the competitive environment;Unified procurement and distribution, the formation of large-scale procurement, specialization, reduce the cost of raw materials, ensure the quality of raw materials。

  It is more worrying for the company, there is no need to set up a special department to manage the canteen, saving manpower, food safety issues, and service quality are guaranteed。Their own staff management, not good management, there is no professional chef to do the food taste good。

  For our Zibo food line catering Management Co., Ltd. professional canteen contracting also has great benefits:

  1, in order to adapt to social development and market competition, we continue to expand the market network information, raw materials group procurement, direct procurement in the main producing areas, and wholesale base, has purchased more cheap profit from the difference。

  2, kitchen staff and management personnel by professional training, avoid unnecessary waste, reduce costs, and improve efficiency。

  3, control the processing cost。Monthly menu analysis, in the case of customer satisfaction, in the selection of raw materials to match prices to achieve cost control;On the other hand, the chef gives full consideration to the raw materials in the formulation of the menu, and tries to use all the raw materials and fully match them。